Monday, August 26, 2013

Finally the sewing bug has bitten me again!  I've been quite busy sewing over the last week or so and once again, I can't understand why I haven't made anything for so long.  Well, I do know why, life is just so busy these days and being stressed over running our business, financial pressure, 3 young kids... The silly thing is that when I sew, I kind of ''escape'' from all the pressures of life and go in to a happy world of colours, fabric and whilst sewing think of other things I ''just have to make'' which makes me feel really happy from the inside.  Best of all, I sew whilst the rest of the family is around me, it's a hobby that I can do at any time of the day and the family is well used to the noise of the sewing machine, the huge amount of threads & scraps everywhere.  So, here is what I've been up to this week!

Sugar & Spice bag in Babushka fabrics - using ChrisW Designs pattern

My first ever ''purse frame'' purse!  This was really fun to make, but I need to make a few more to prefect this! 

Babushka Shoulder Bag & Purse

Babushka Doll