Monday, June 15, 2009

Pencil Roll Holder in Swell Fabrics

Pencil Roll Holder in Swell Fabrics Originally uploaded by Swede-Heart
I'm sewing again. Properly. I've had almost 5 months break from sewing, from the time we started to sell the old house, until now, finally all settled in our new house. I just can't relax enough to sew if the whole house is up side down (or in boxes) - mind you, once I get into my sewing, the house ends up very very messy. I get so into it that nothing else matters for a few hours and with 3 kids playing around me, this is a dangerous combination! I made 2 of these Pencil Roll Holders in Moda's Swell fabrics. I just ADORE the whole range of Swell - and even more the follow-up range, Sweet. I've decided that I will open up an Etsy & eBay store in the near future and these will be sold there. I will keep you posted on this blog once it all goes ahead!

This morning I began making a few Pencil Roll Holders in Dick & Jane fabrics too, I only had time to finish one today, so here it is. There's something about the Dick & Jane range I love, it's so old fashioned, yet so bright! I think these would make a nice ''thank-you''-pressie for a great school teacher or something!